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You’re a Crazy Daisy – with Trudy Simmons

Trudy Simmons - Daisy Chain Group

Have you been told your business idea is crazy? You’re in great company!

Meet Trudy Simmons. She is the owner of the Daisy Chain Group and a Clarity and Productivity Coach and one of the most fearless leaders I’ve met to date. She is about to launch her THIRD!!!! book – Shine On You Crazy Daisy, Stories from inspirational businesswomen – Volume 3. That’s three books in FIVE months! Can you imagine! She’s a powerhouse of productivity and a maven of pushing past fear and storming ahead! Her streamlined “create the plan and just start” method is something I can learn a lot from. We’re talking about looking at failure as your teacher, which was my chapter in the upcoming Volume 3 of Shine On You Crazy Daisy. What has been your biggest “failure”? And what did you learn from it? With the right mindset, failure can catapult you in a new direction.  You can order your copy of Shine On Your Crazy Daisy on Amazon by clicking here.