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I’m so excited for you guys to meet Christine Halliday, the Founder of Wild Precious Now! Wonderseeker, teacher, and here to inspire the world to think differently. She aims to see the world with fresh eyes and live in wonder as much as possible while spreading that message. She has taken on the mission of creating more positive content on the internet after seeing what a strong influence it has become on young people. I found Christine’s content via my daughter and I’ve been obsessed with her travel guides and her view on life. We actually followed one of her recommendations to a candle-lit concert in Milan and it was an unforgettable experience.

Today we’re talking about:

  • Being a tourist in your own town
  • Adding positive content to social media
  • Storytelling to create deeper connections
  • Creating your experiences everywhere you go, even in your own hometown
  • Mind shifts to achieve wonder