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Embracing A Growth Mindset with Alanna Loeffler

Hey there, it’s Kendra, your guide to all things wildly inspiring and wonderfully unpredictable. In this special episode, I’m bringing on my childhood buddy, Alanna Loeffler, to sprinkle some magic dust on our grown-up dreams. 🌟 We’re talking about our shared history of skinned knees and big dreams, and how she’s carved a high-rise career in commercial real estate from her canvas of graphic design beginnings. 🏙✨

Strap in for a joyride through the past and zoom into the future as we reveal how to color outside the lines of life and work. From the delicate dance of balancing logic with a splash of creativity to embracing the beautiful mess of building a unique career path, we’re dishing out the real talk, served with a side of laughs and lessons. 😂🍽

Episode Play-by-Play:

  • [00:02:00] Watch me juggle art and analysis like a circus star with a briefcase.
  • [00:07:49] Discover how I sprinkle creativity on corporate strategies like fairy dust.
  • [00:08:07] I’m sharing my secret sauce for painting a vibrant life, both inside and outside the boardroom.
  • [00:13:16] I’ll let you in on why believing in yourself is the ultimate power move.
  • [00:17:31] Why should your career be a carbon copy when you can be an original masterpiece?
  • [00:20:06] Tune in as I waltz through the changing tempo of work life.
  • [00:24:31] And we’ll unwrap why a growth mindset is like the ultimate life hack.

Quotable Kendra & Alanna:

  • “Art and science in my career? It’s like mixing cocktails – you gotta find the right balance.” [00:02:34]
  • From sketchpads to skyscrapers, I’m taking you on my cross-country career adventure. [00:04:26]
  • “Who knew that a creative spirit could lead to professional triumph?” [00:08:23 & 00:09:44]
  • “I always say, dress for the job you want, then out-dream and out-work everyone else.” [00:14:02]
  • “I dance through life’s ups and downs and call it my career cha-cha.” [00:19:47]
  • “Success isn’t about the time clock, it’s about shining when it counts.” [00:21:42]

So, are you ready to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary? Plug in, press play, and let’s shake up the world together—one episode at a time! 💃🎤