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The one with Vanessa Gordon – Media Unicorn

Vanessa Gordon on the Tribe of Unicorns Podcast with Kendra Beavis
Episode 9: Vanessa Gordon

Vanessa Gordon is talented and tenacious, and now, she is officially a unicorn!

As the publisher and founder of East End Taste Magazine, a digital publication and social media platform based in the Hamptons, New York, Vanessa has lived every minute of her life as a creative-preneur, “crayoning” stories as a kid, authoring a story at thirteen and publishing one novel–out of the four, she has written.

Three takeaways from this episode of The Tribe of Unicorns podcast.

  • There’s a lot of money out there. There’s a lot of power up for grabs. But there’s also a lot of phony baloney. Get good at figuring out what’s what.
  • Freelance jobs can lead to full-time jobs. Vanessa started pitching pubs and brands about a year after graduation and landed a gig with a Hamptons magazine–that became a gourmet meal ticket.
  • Stop giving away your value for free!

After yacht-hopping, tastings, covetous trips, and a total dream job of collaborating with brands and growing a blog into a publication, Vanessa has emerged with serious experience and leadership.

Vanessa advises that, especially in COVID, relationships need to be nurtured more than ever because we don’t have the luxury of visiting people and spending time in-person to keep bonds strong. This is one way our businesses will emerge intact and even thriving.

Listen to this episode of Tribe of Unicorns podcast to appreciate the yearning unapologetic heart of one writer and master creator who is pulled to her craft–for herself, but more importantly, for every one of her readers. Vanessa is a true influencer who doesn’t sell her soul for a “like”. If there was no social media, she would still work in her very same role. That’s a passion worth celebrating!

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