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The one with Tanya Heidrich

Tanya Heidrich is on the show today — a.k.a., Stillo Noir!

Tanya is an accomplished pattern artist, illustrator, and muralist. I had the joy of speaking with her about her process, staying inspired, and business development and marketing.

Pulling her inspiration from the world around her, Tanya is able to simplify that vision down to its most basic forms and create amazing patterns and murals. Her black and white, clean style is something you must check out.

Take a listen to two creative ladies talking shop. Enjoy!

All images Copywrite of  Tanya Heidrich. Contact the artist here:

Who is Tanya - Stillo Noir?

I work as a multidisciplinary artist, which is to say across a variety of mediums and surfaces, from surface design to painting murals and canvases – any surface someone will let me add patterns too! What ties all my work together is a black and white palette, and an emphasis on embellishing the details and textures we might otherwise overlook.

I started off my career in graphic design working for a design agency before a series of circumstances lead me to freelance as a graphic designer. Eventually, I took the leap – not so long ago – to pursue what I was most passionate about Patterns and monochromatic illustrations. Social media has played a big part in not only building up to courage to take that leap, but also in allowing myself to work in my niche style rather than following trends, and of course in finding client work too!

I’m always keen to learn new mediums and find ways to expand my work and skillsets, often blurring the boundaries of different creative fields (e.g. surface design and murals). In other words, I’m kind of a jack of all trades, and am usually followed by the imposter syndrome in every one of them!