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The one with Kristen Knowles – Better Leadership

This episode is all about getting real about your company culture and leadership. We see so many companies nowadays who have dress-down Fridays or casual work attire and a ping pong table in the break room and they think that their company culture checkbox has been marked off. Kristen is dropping truth bombs about creating real leadership and a culture that allows for hypergrowth and employee loyalty. We all want to create a team that feels empowered, excited, and motivated as well as supported in their personal growth.

Even small entrepreneurs or solo entrepreneurs can learn a lot from this episode. Building your company from the base up is so important and allows for growth potential. Building these systems and skills at the beginning will help you when you’re ready to just bring on your first employee.

Kristen is a 13x award-winning leadership expert. Over the last 10 years, she has built and led multiple coaching and leadership programs for top global companies.

Her passion is working with leaders and business owners to overcome burnout and lead from purpose. As the President of Brave Leaders Group, a full-suite leadership and coaching firm, she specializes in offering unique leadership experiences that create impactful moments and inspire growth, with practical application that you can immediately start implementing to see results.

She has served as the VP and Chairman of the board of directors for an international non-profit organization, Head of HR & leadership development for several organizations, as well as an Organizational Development consultant for multiple start-ups. She offers a unique opportunity to implement strategies that create empowering cultures and break apart our previous ideas of leadership to create brave leaders that will mark history and change the narrative for leadership going forward.