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The one with Jay Siano – Mold Breaking Unicorn

Jay Siano on the Tribe of Unicorns Podcast with Kendra Beavis
Episode 14: Jay Siano – The mold-breaking unicorn

Jay Siano is the unicorn of branding and breaking the mold. As the CEO and founder of Sabre Real Estate Group, he knows a thing or two about building companies that are future-proof.

One of the most impressive things about Jay is that he entered the world of real estate determined to show his true colors. At the time he was breaking into it, he did succumb to the dress code and wore suits and the whole nine, but that wasn’t good enough for him and his need to be authentic (which we can all learn from!).

Three takeaways from this episode of the Tribe of Unicorns podcast.

  • You can be a newcomer anywhere in any industry and show up as you. The people who want to be around you (and that you want to be around) will show up. The rest will show themselves the door.
  • Lead with your reputation…but make sure it’s stellar.
    Ensure you are pulled by what you do. You can’t push yourself hard enough to do something you’re not passionate about.
  • Listen, there’s a lot of noise out there! You can’t break through it unless you differentiate yourself. But this is your quick solution. You don’t have to search long and hard to figure this out. That’s another benefit of being yourself. One of Jay’s fave sayings is: “Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency.”

Becoming the person you want to be in your dreams is going to take work. It’s not as simple as creating a profile and then getting millions of followers. All of the flash and shine is preceded by relentless execution.

So, if you’re just starting out, don’t lose your drive and momentum to keep going. As one of Kendra’s fave sayings goes: “Rest, don’t quit.”

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