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The one with Emily Reagan

When Unicorns Unite!

Emily Reagan, Unicorn VA, Founder of the Digital Media VA Crash Course is on the show today. After becoming aware of each other and a random hour of DM chatting, we connected in real life and she’s coming to the show to share her magic.

You are all going to love her! Emily honed her jack-of-all-trades experience to become a successful entrepreneur and then used that to teach others to follow the same path and create their own success. She’s an example of being scrappy and trusting the journey but with a really driven energy behind it.

Topics we’re covering:

  • Consistency
  • Marketing yourself
  • Selling authentically
  • Being real from the start
  • Patience with the slow and steady

Thanks as always for supporting the Tribe. Listen in and let me know what you got from this episode.

Who is Emily Reagan?

Emily Reagan, mom of four, air force wife, Digital Marketing Consultant and founder of

She has a background in journalism and electronic media. As a scrappy military wife, who has moved every two years, Emily has worked in various jobs related to public relations, marketing, sports media relations, journalism and video production.

Eight years ago she started working online as a freelancer for Jennifer Allwood and helped her grow into a 7-figure influencer and creative coach. Now Emily’s “VA” (virtual assistant) freelance business helps creative entrepreneurs take their talents online, grow their social media presence and build their sales funnels. She set out to distinguish herself as more than “just a VA” — she is a digital media VA and consultant – someone who does the work and understands the business. She quickly booked out. She didn’t like turning down clients, so she hired and trained her smart military spouse and mom friends to help her clients and start their own side hustles to capitalize on the part time, remote work opportunities.

She now teaches digital marketing tech skills to over-educated, underemployed stay-at-home moms, and military spouses and people looking for a second career change so they can get hired by online business owners. Her 5-week intense training program is the Digital Media VA Crash Course and opens a few times a year. It covers the must-knows of online business: SEO, blogging & WordPress, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media, and marketing strategies. She calls her course graduates “unicorn VAs” because they have all the resourceful qualities, online insight and implementation skills that online business owners are looking for. Aka that total magical package.