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The one with Drew Linsalata – Best selling unicorn

Drew Linsalata on the Tribe of Unicorns Podcast with Kendra Beavis
Episode 10: Drew Linsalata

Who says men can’t be unicorns? Drew Linsalata holds the official title of the first male unicorn on the show!

At last count, Drew had racked up almost a million downloads of his podcast, The Anxious Truth, not to mention that his books, The Anxious Truth: A Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Panic, Anxiety, and Agoraphobia and An Anxiety Story: How I Recovered from Anxiety, Panic, and Agoraphobia became instant bestsellers! When it comes to being a unicorn in this space, Drew is the “it” horse.

Kendra has known Drew for between 5-72 years, and have been close friends and work buds ever since. The union started when Drew stuck a Post-It on Kendra’s door that said something like: “Hey, you do things that I think are cool. And I do things that you think are cool. Let’s be cool together.”

In that time, mutual support happened, all of which are covered on the show. But these are the CliffNotes, so let’s start with…  

Three takeaways from this episode of The Tribe of Unicorns podcast.

  1. You can not be for everyone and still make it in this crazy world. Don’t be afraid to say no if it doesn’t align with your vision. 
  2. Not doing the typical marketing thang can work when you have a helluva platform. The key is consistency and never say die when it comes to your business. Hit all your platforms all. the. time. 
  3. When your business is connected to value and serving, you will never go wrong. You will last. You will reach people. You will grow. 

Drew’s advice for launching and lasting…service, service, service! He started his podcasts and wrote his books simply to help people. Seeing that come back to him in the form of people using his book to heal lifelong anxiety has been incredibly gratifying. So, if your business is lagging, take a look at what you are offering people. Is it enough? Is it about them?

Listen to this episode of the Tribe of Unicorns podcast to “Be true to the way you’re wired,” as Drew states. If you don’t want to post certain things because it doesn’t feel authentic, don’t. The people you are supposed to find and who are supposed to find you will, as long as you make their life easier. And write that damn book already! Drew gives away all his secrets for how he made book writing easier than he expected, so if this is floating around in your noodle, you owe it to yourself to tune in!

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