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The one with Deborah Chalk

Welcome to an inspiring episode. Today I’m speaking with Deborah Chalk, Certified Wayfinder Life Coach and Endorsed Mind-Body Magic Coach.

We’re talking about the following things:

  • Growing up thinking you had to get a “proper job” and had to follow all the “SHOULDS” of life?
  • Ready to face your own perfectionism.
  • The idea of Slacker Magic – want to know about this concept? Listen on…
  • Sunday night dread.
  • Being up in your head vs. being in your body.
  • The steps to finding “YOU”

Who is Deborah?

“I help people with confidence, creativity, and calm so that they can find and follow their life purpose. As well as being a Certified Wayfinder Life Coach with Dr. Martha Beck I am also an Endorsed Mind-Body Magic Coach. This involves lots of mind-body connection, tapping into inner wisdom, and even a meditation with a unicorn sprinkles option!”

When you can’t figure out why things are not changing, that’s where Deborah can step in to help you to tap into what’s already inside you: the deep inspiration and intuitive messages from your soul.

You can break free from your old stories, patterns, and habits and create empowering new ones. This is a new way of being that you likely haven’t been shown yet – old programming keeps you firmly on the treadmill.

Thanks as always for listening! Happy Sunday my Unicorns.