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The one with Billy Reuter

By December 26, 2020No Comments

I couldn’t wait to release this episode…

Billy Reuter is my personal life strategist and performance coach, and I’m so excited to be sharing the airwaves with him! He’s talking about his IDEAL Life method and how it’s going to change your life.
After a hellacious 2020, you know you’re ready! This year is the year of shedding our limitations, so let’s learn how to do it. 
Four takeaways from this episode of the Tribe of Unicorns podcast.
  • Magic lies in acknowledging your daily wins. It seems small, but it’s all about the mindset shift and seeing every drop of progress.
  • Take stock of what you need to change so you can stop missing out. No bad-mouthing yourself allowed. Just realize the truth and do something about it.
  • See all the opportunities of who you can be. You’re not just an entrepreneur or parent; you are whoever you dream of. Don’t forget, sometimes; labels can suck. Do you connect with other people better than yourself?
  • Don’t know where to start to change things, ask yourself what your story is. Is your perspective your prison or your power? When you are honest with yourself, you can get on the road to seeing yourself in a shinier light, and that influences your entire LIFE.