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Today we are here with Sarah Klein, Business Coach. 

She came to this work because she personally experienced and saw how much perfectionism holds people back in business and in life. “In the effort to be perfect (especially as women), we end up not taking action or playing small. But we don’t need perfect, because we can always choose forward.” That attitude is what led her to create her first two businesses, which were filled with successes and failures.

Essentially, by choosing forward rather than perfection, She now has the life, and business, that are perfect for her. And her clients as well. From going from years of procrastinating to launching their offer in just 1 month, to getting to 5 figure months in the first 5 months of business, her clients take massive action, not perfect action, and achieve astounding results.

Here are the topics to be excited about:

  • why mindset is the number one key to achieving your goals in life, but especially in business
  • why everyone should start a business at least once in a life
  • why the business doesn’t “have to” be hard
  • how to consume less from experts and create more from your own zone of genius
  • how to make high-stake decisions with confidence
  • what prioritization and commitment actually look like, and how you can actually start doing it in your life
  • why there is no such thing as The Right Answer

Thanks as always for supporting the Tribe. Listen in and let me know what you got from this episode.