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I am so inspired by everyone that’s been on the podcast and Sandra Chaney is no exception. I think you’ll all really relate to her moment of clarity when she was speaking in a women’s shelter and realized that their story was also her story.

I’m sure we’ve all had these aha moments when we realize something huge about our life that we were unaware of and sometimes it’s dark. But Sandra brings the light. She took her trauma and used it as a catalyst to find her purpose. After leaving her corporate job, she has created an empowerment coaching business and nonprofit and grant strategist. Her purpose is to empower women to transform their minds and heal their souls to live their best in life and business.

Take a listen and let me know if you relate to this story and what you got out of this episode.

If you’d like to connect with Sandra her website where she has a free 25-minute consultation for anyone wanting to work with her as well as a coaching program.

Who is Sandra?

As a conqueror of domestic violence, sexual assault, homelessness, an abusive marriage, I use my life experiences and lessons to create sacred spaces and moments where clients feel safe, loved, and comfortable fully expressing their truth to be completely set free from their hidden secrets and life challenges. I help them easily open up their heart space.  I empower women leaders and entrepreneurs to relinquish the title, take off their masks and release the courage to love themselves beyond what they do, and reposition their life to manifest a mission that will impact and leave a legacy.  As a powerful leader in your life, your family and business, you understand all too well how life just happens and alters your direction. Each and every day offers an opportunity to transform, stretch and learn. There are lessons to learn, things to release, new opportunities to be had. Now is NOT the time to stop.  Now is the time to EMBRACE and TRANSFORM your mind, life, and business; in that order.  IF THIS SPEAKS TO YOU AND YOU ARE READY TO EVOLVE TO THE NEXT LEVEL OF YOUR JOURNEY, then I invite you to have a conversation with me.

Sandra Chaney