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Meryl Hayton – How to use EFT tapping to heal childhood trauma

Meryl Hayton - Self-Worth and Empowerment Coach

Hey Tribe! Today I’m talking with Meryl Hayton. She is a Self-Worth and Empowerment Coach and Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner who utilizes both in her coaching practice to help with self-doubt, indecisiveness, self-love, and value and so much more. She helps her clients manage stress, self-regulate, silence their inner critic & stop self-sabotage so they receive more love, respect, support and quality time in their relationships.

The highlights:

  • Learn what EFT Tapping is and how to use it
  • How you can use tapping to alleviate anxieties and stresses and heal yourself
  • Why it’s important to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS!
  • Meryl’s story of healing and empowerment and finding her path via aligned action, faith, and manifesting
  • How tapping can create life-changing paradigm shifts
  • How to stop stopping and make the changes to live their best life
  • Seeing the signs from the Universe to find your path
  • Finding your mentor

Meryl's Why

You see, growing up, my parents, unbeknownst to them, didn’t love me unconditionally unless I acted or looked a certain way.  They didn’t support & encourage me to feel enough & worthy if I didn’t get good grades or made mistakes. I was left alone and wasn’t comforted when upset so I didn’t form a safe & trusting bond with them to feel comfortable expressing my emotions, so instead I suppressed them & spent most of my life being a perfectionist, looking outside myself to get validation that I was worthy.

Always on a self-discovery journey of why I thought & behaved the way I did helped me create awareness of what I was missing in my life that was stopping me from prioritizing my own emotional self-care and dreams. It was believing in myself! 

By linking my past and present situations together, re-parenting myself and healing my inner child wounds I developed a deeper more understanding & loving relationship within so that I felt valuable and enough just the way I am.