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Juli Wenger, Enneagram Coach

Juli Wenger is love, joy, strength, light, and grace! Empowerment and identity coach, entrepreneurship mentor, author, speaker, podcaster, mom, wife, singer-songwriter, and Jesus-follower! This is how Juli identifies and she’s here with us today!

Knowing with certainty who we are at our core is transformational. It lets us step out of a space of comparison and proving ourselves and helps us evaluate where to give our time and energy. It builds the clarity of purpose and helps us find real fulfillment in a world full of shoulds.

Juli’s why is to help people live their most fulfilling and impact-creating lives as their powerfully authentic selves – to live their Fired Up, Fulfilled, and Free life, which also happens to be the name of her new book.

Tune in as we talk about these topics:

👉Know who you are and get out of your own way
👉Getting over being “too much”
👉Titles and the roles they play in our lives.
👉Experiencing the positives of failure