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HSP coach Barbera – what is a highly sensitive person and how can It become your superpower

Another fantastic episode with the most amazing guest. Barbera Schouten is a Transformation & Empowerment Coach specifically for HSPs which stands for a highly sensitive person. I’m sure a lot of you will listen to this episode and have the holy s*** moments that I had. What I love most about what Barbera is how vulnerable she’s been to share her personal story of discovery but also how we can take the personality traits of an HSP and use them to our advantage and become our superpower.
Have you ever been told…
“You’re far too sensitive, you have to learn to shield yourself more” “You shouldn’t take everything to heart” “You really need to develop a thicker skin” “Don’t get so worked up about it, just let it go”
You might be an HSP
After discovering she was an HSP, Barbera was able to understand herself better.
“I am not weird, I am not strange, there is nothing wrong with me and, most of all: there are other people like me!! It really felt like coming home to myself and the more I read, the more I understand myself and the more insight I get into my own user manual.”
Barbera is talking about how to take charge of your inner self. Realize that the only reason you haven’t accomplished what you want in life is because you never fully used your gifts and capacities. By not fully embracing your uniqueness and sensitivity, you are actually sabotaging yourself over and over again.
As a self-diagnosed HSP myself, I’ve personally used this to be able to understand a project better, be able to visualize the final outcome quicker and relate better to my clients. If you think you’re an HSP, I encourage you to reach out to Barbera. 
  • This is for the Intuitive Empath that wants to connect with their passion and their hearts desire.
  • This is for the Mission-Driven Soulpreneur who wants to get paid to really make a difference in the world
  • This is for the Highly Sensitive Person who wants to use their sensitivity, intuition, empathy and other gifts and talents as their superpower.
  • It’s for the Ambitious Alien that wants to learn how to embrace their unique alienness and connect to their soul’s purpose.
  • This is for the Sensitive Leader that’s tired of feeling sick and tired, tired of feeling drained at the end of the day and is ready to feel like their effortless, authentic self.
  • It is for the Expert that’s sick of feeling like running a business equals a struggle.
  • This is for you.

Who is Barbera?