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Efia Sulter
I’m so excited for you to meet Efia Sulter. She is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach, NLP practitioner, and host of ‘The Manifest Edit Podcast!’ You are all going to love her! Her mission is to empower and teach ambitious women how to manifest their EXTRAORDINARY life by overcoming their limiting beliefs, finding and living their soul’s purpose, and connecting to their intuition. Serving as a practical example of her work after being orphaned at 14, grappling with mental illness and chronic pain, and then moving overseas and building her soul-aligned life + business, Efia has inspired thousands around the world to create their lives by design. Through her work Efia highlights the strategy, science, and spirituality behind manifestation in order to provide actionable advice from a grounded, no-BS perspective.
Topics we’re covering:
  • Mental health and toughness
  • Therapy
  • Abandonment/Feeling left-out
  • Meditation
  • Manifestation
Thanks as always for supporting the Tribe. Listen in and let me know what you got from this episode.