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Andrea Freeman – How to become the HOST of your own life and find your bold life purpose.

Andrea Freeman - HOST Your Life Business Coach

As entrepreneurs, we usually have more than one passion, one idea, one direction. It’s possible to get really excited about a lot of different things and create many visions over your lifetime. For myself these last few years, I’ve been feeling a different kind of pull. It’s this small thing in the back of my brain that keeps saying, “You’re meant for more”. Although my business is successful and I love what I do, I’ve been feeling a shift in my focus the last year or two. My design studio is not going away and the work we do there I absolutely adore, but how do I figure out what this new calling is and how do I answer the call? Andrea Freeman is here to talk about how you find your bold life purpose. I loved our conversation so much that I actually hired Andrea to be my business coach. We’ve been working together the past few months and the exciting things that are coming out of our collaboration are astounding. I can’t wait to share with you what’s next but for now, listen to this conversation if you are having the same type of thoughts in the back of your head what is your bold life purpose? How can you answer the calling while still being in alignment with how you want to live your life?

Listen in to hear more. Connect with Andrea at where she has all sorts of goodies for entrepreneurs who want to build a business around and align life and on their own terms.

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Who is Andrea Freeman?

Hello there! I’m Andrea and I believe that transforming your life is the access to transforming your business.  As a mindful business coach and peak performance planner I work with creative entrepreneurs to support them in their evolution.  I operate from the foundational principle that businesses develop alongside the individuals who run them.  Meaning the higher your consciousness the greater the impact you make in the world.  It’s my personal joy to work with business owners to help them align with who they are at their core – with their unique personal gifts and unstoppable power.

I started my first business when I was 12, second business at 26, and third business at 31.  Professionally trained as an educator and leadership development coach I honed my entrepreneurial skills and scaled my celebrity event planning business to multiple six-figures in annual revenue.

Now I’m on a mission to help service-based business owners realign with their purpose, create greater financial freedom, fulfillment, and make a difference in the world. I have worked with clients in the events, holistic lifestyle, tech, and fashion industries to integrate mindset techniques, refine their business models, and scale quickly. Clarity of purpose, increased revenue and sustainable, soulful success are just a few of the benefits my clients experience.

Andrea Freeman - HOST Your Life Business Coach