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The one with Laura Kelly

By December 26, 2020No Comments

Bookkeeping Unicorn… odd? More like ESSENTIAL!

We are continuing our #2021 Transformation series with Laura Kelly of Tula Books. She is a Virtual CFO that helps female entrepreneurs and small business owners get clarity around their numbers by streamlining their bookkeeping and accounting operations.

We’re working on this action plan to create your best year yet… And I would bet that most of us have to make more money on that list… or at least saving more. Money isn’t the root of all evil. It’s a necessary part of our life that prepares us for living our best life. Of COURSE, you can take that idea too far… but whatever your money story is, let’s put that aside (that’s a whole other episode) and just accept that it’s something we all need to live. So what is your plan to have/create/save more this coming year? Laura is here to help set us up for the coming year with what we need to prepare for as creative entrepreneurs for tax season and beyond.

Listen in and tell us what you thought. Need further assistance? Laura is your gal… Check out the link below.

Laura is offering a special year-end offering for listeners of this podcast. It is a 2020 Clarity Consultation where you will spend 90 minutes on a call one on one to help you get prepared for 2020 tax time. You will leave that call with an analysis of your preparedness for tax time and an actionable next step plan specific to your business. This is not typically an offering I do for new clients but she is opening it up to Tribe of Unicorns listeners!! The investment is $497. 

Who is Laura?

I worked full-time in the Accounting/Finance/HR space for nearly 15 years. During that time, I helped five vibrant, growing companies work through first-time and subsequent financial audits, financial and HR system implementations, budgeting and planning processing, due diligence during a company acquisition, financial modeling, and analysis to name a few.

All the while, TulaBooks was percolating. I knew I could take the skills learned over the last 15 years and apply them to many different companies to help them grow their business.

Now, I use my love of automating, creating systems and processes and organizing to help business owners across multiple industries find their own balance.

I’m always looking for ways to shake up how you do things.

Streamline and modernize your back office so you can get back to what truly drives you.