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The One With Jenny McKinney

I don’t know about you guys but I’m tired of being so serious. Miss Jenny McKinney is here to cure us of our somber moods and kick us into joy gear. Jenny McKinney is a stand-up comedian, coach, presenter, happiness facilitator, and high kicker. We’re talking about the power of laughter and how that can really give you another point of connection to another person. Quarantine has been rough. These times are rough. We all need to laugh sometimes and Jenny’s here to spread that joy. Tuesdays and Fridays she goes live on her Facebook page to just give us that outlet to laugh for no reason whatsoever. The same way we love listening to a good song to make us dance or watching a sad movie to give us a good cry, Jenny is here to provide that laughter excuse.
Check her out at to connect and find out more. Love you guys. I hope this episode brought a smile to your face. We’ll see you next week.